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Frequently Asked Questions

Overall Program

Does the hospice accept my insurance? What services and treatments will be covered?

Noble Hospice and Palliative Care is in contract with almost all major insurance carriers. For patients who have Medicare or Medicare Replacement plans, Noble Hospice provides care covered 100% by Medicare with zero out of pocket to the patient or family. For patients who are not of Medicare age, Noble Hospice will contact your insurance organization to determine if there are any out of pocket expenses and to determine what coverage is included. Noble Hospice is always willing to speak with insurance carriers to develop a one-time contract should Noble not be in contract and should you choose to utilize our services.

What services and treatments will be covered?

Noble Hospice is a full-service hospice provider that will work with the patient and family in developing a unique, individualized care plan that will allow the patient and family to receive their appropriate level of care. Under your hospice benefit you will have a designated care team that includes a Hospice Physician, RN Case Manager, Certified Nurse Assistant, Social Worker, Chaplain, and additional resources based on needs. If the patient meets hospice criteria. Noble Hospice will also cover any primary diagnosis-related medications, equipment (oxygen, wheelchairs, hospital beds, ect.), and disposable supplies (incontinence supplies, wipes, basic hygiene, ect.) In addition, Noble Hospice will provide short-term respite care to assist with caregiver burnout and general inpatient care for patients that are experiencing uncontrollable symptoms such as pain. Further caregivers and family of the patient’s are offered continued bereavement counseling support following the passing of their loved one.

How long has the hospice been serving patients?

Noble Hospice has built a team of medical professionals that have combined decades of experience in providing healthcare and hospice services. Noble Hospice received ACHC accreditation January 16th , 2020 and has quickly proven to become an industry leader in just a short time of being around. We give credit to our success based on world class communication with patients, families, and referral partners as well as our innovative approach towards providing unique care with an added sensory approach for our Dementia and Alzheimer’s population.

Where are hospice services provided?

Hospice services are provided in the home setting of the patient. Noble Hospice will provide care in private homes, group homes, assisted living homes, independent living homes, long term skilled care facilities and when on general inpatient in a hospital or skilled rehab setting.

Will the hospice provide a hospital bed and other medical equipment I might need?

Noble Hospice provides all equipment that is needed for the patient to receive the highest level of comfort possible while on service. Noble has partnered with several equipment companies that have incredibly high standards for sanitization and providing clean equipment that will not break down or require replacement while under hospice care.


Will I have the same hospice nurse? Who else might I see and how often will I see them?

Noble Hospice works hard to assign a RN Case Manager that will be with the patient and family from the moment that services start to the moment that a patient transitions or graduates. In addition, Noble prides themselves on staffing with the ability to truly provide the highest level of visits that are needed to accommodate the patient’s unique needs. At the time that care begins we will develop a plan with the family and patient that will truly act as a roadmap for the number of visits patients will receive, understanding that it can change and increase at any time based on the patient’s needs.

How many patients are assigned to each hospice nurse?

Noble Hospice keeps minimal case assignments to ensure that patients truly receive the care that they expect and deserve while under hospice care. We maximize our RN case managers with no larger than a 12-patient case load to ensure that they can provide multiple visits weekly as well as make emergency visits when patients are in need. In addition, our Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing are always available to triage immediate needs and are always very familiar with the agency’s current cases.

Does the hospice have help after business hours? Nights? Weekends?Holidays?

Noble Hospice is available 24/7 with live staff answering the calls on all evenings, weekends, and holidays. Staff can always be reached at 480-868-2845.

When I call with an urgent need, how long will it take for someone to respond?

Noble Hospice strives to return all phone calls within 15 minutes of receiving the call. Noble layers support staff to ensure that we are available promptly to visit patients and to speak with patients at all times during an urgent need.

Symptom Management

How will the hospice team manage my pain or other symptoms that arise?

Noble Hospice will work with the team of physicians that you designate to control all pain and symptoms. This care plan may include the use of certain medications, medical equipment, as well as certain naturalistic and holistic approaches to ensure the absolute highest level of comfort is provided.

Can I take my current medications?

Noble Hospice will work with the Patients, Families, Attending, and Hospice Physician to determine which medications are recommended to continue and which medications may be recommended to discharge. If the patient continues to want certain medications that are unrelated or not recommended we will develop a plan to try and accommodate the wishes of the patient.

What if my symptoms become uncontrollable at home? Can I go to the hospital?

When symptoms are uncontrollable at home, Noble Hospice provides a benefit named “general inpatient care” that allows patients to choose from the skilled community of their choice that will provide a 24/7 RN to help in making the symptom controlled. After the symptom is controlled, we will assist in transporting the patient back to their home setting where we will start to provide our standard Routine Hospice Care.

Communication, Coordination, & Education

How will the hospice team keep me and my family informed about my condition?

You will be assigned one RN Case Manager that will essentially act as the captain of the care plan that is developed and that will continue to notify family and the patient about condition changes. It is standard that Noble Hospice RN’s visit patients at least multiple times a week and will contact POAs with updates following the visit. In addition, our staff likes to truly spend time getting to know the patients and the families so we can have ongoing discussions and updates during the visit with the patient whenever possible.

Will my family and I be involved in making care decisions?

Patients and family members will always have the right to provide valuable input into care decisions at Noble Hospice. In fact, we ensure that in all possible situations patients and family members are expected to be the ones that are directing their wishes and expectations for care.

How do I communicate any questions or concerns I have about my care?

Noble Hospice main line is accessible 24/7 with live Noble staff that have access to medical records. In addition, with the frequency of contact from our clinical team you will have continuous capability to ask questions or address concerns about the care being provided.

Can I still see my regular doctor if I am on hospice? 

Noble Hospice allows you to keep your regular physician as a attending physician who will be the ultimate one approving the care that is suggested for hospice. That physician will work in conjunction with our hospice physician to ensure that the patient’s needs are met and addressed promptly. Noble Hospice always offers the opportunity to provide telehealth sessions for further communication with the attending physician of your choice.

Caregiver Resources

Can we speak with other caregivers to learn of their experience with the hospice?

Noble Hospice certainly can reach out to connect you with a caregiver of patients that are actively receiving care or have previously experienced the care that Noble Hospice has provided. If you are interested in receiving a reference, please call us at 480-868-2845 and our Director of Social Services will work on providing you a reference today.

What support services are offered by the hospice?

Noble Hospice provides support with the concept of providing more visits, more time, and more attention then your standard hospice from day one. We truly strive to identify the unique needs of the patient and family to ensure that they feel supported. In the case that a caregiver is experiencing “burn out” Noble will pay for a patient to be transported to a skilled community with round the clock RN care for a short-term respite stay. After the respite stay is complete Noble will handle transporting the patient back to the place of residency.

What if we cannot take care of our loved one at home?

Noble Hospice has an incredible network of professionals that provides assistance with resources for patients to place them in a care setting that accommodates both the patient’s needs and financial capabilities. In addition, our Social Workers can provide resources for additional financial support and assistance in getting the patient to a setting where the family feels comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

How will the hospice team support us emotionally through the grieving process?

We recognize that generally by the time hospice services have been accepted the grieving process often has already begun. It is our goal to provide support from the day that we start a relationship to an indefinite period following the passing. We provide grief support through education and social worker/chaplain counseling sessions. Noble Hospice understands the grief that family’s and patients are going through and are here to be by your side during the process.

Available 24/7

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