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Noble Hospice & Palliative Care continues to look for volunteers that will be able to interact with our patient population or be able to provide support from an administrative approach.

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Two noble hospice volunteers at an event put on in the community.

Patient Activities:

1. Reading and writing letters 

2. Playing games

3. Participating in pet therapy 

4. Participating in music therapy 

5. Scrapbooking or other crafts 

6. Companionship

Household Activities:

1. Running errands

2. Arranging flowers

3. Pet walking

4. Emotional support for the patient and the family 

Administrative Activities: 

1. Participating in bereavement calls 

2. Light office duties

Noble Hospice does not require certain time commitments but loves to partner with volunteers that share the mission of providing the most compassionate care for our patients. Contact Noble today to inquire and to set up a time to start the training process as an official Noble Hospice Volunteer!

Call 480-868-2845 if you are interested in volunteering at Noble Hospice or fill out your information in the form below.

This photo has no opacity and is used for layout purposes only.
A volunteer hosting a game night a senior community.

Volunteer Form

Available 24/7

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