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Registered Nurse

A hospice nurse pushing her patients wheelchair in the outside garden area of her nursing home's patio area.

Noble Hospice provides a trained hospice RN Case Manager as needed to visit patients. Typically, they will visit the patient a minimum of twice a week to assess and manage care. Noble Hospice also has 24/7 access to on-call RN’s to triage and dispatch when there are acute issues.​

  • Evaluates patients and family members needs.

  • Provides education for patients and their family members.

  • Administers medication provides wound care, and orders any other specialized medical equipment that is needed for comfort care.

  • Monitors and acts as a “Case Manager” for the patient’s health, vital signs, and symptoms.

  • Coordinates the unique patient’s plan of care with the entire hospice team.

Available 24/7

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