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Administrative Staff

Administrative staff includes our admissions team, HR, administrative assistant, office manager, and digital marketing. They support the organization from behind the scenes. 

Human Resources:

  •  Support staff from a Human Resources standpoint


  • Intake new referrals 

  • Coordinate with marketing to meet with families of new patients

  • Evaluate new patients for hospice eligibility 

  • Ensure all new patients have the medication and medical equipment needed to provide comfort

Office Management:

  • Offer support for anyone who calls our main line 

  • Manage supplies at all Noble offices 

Digital Marketing:

  • Design and develop the company website 

  • Manage all social media accounts

  • Content creation and graphic design for marketing materials 

  • Data analytics and visualization 

Amy LeRoy 

Office Manager 

Chloe McKendry 

HR Specialist

Available 24/7

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